How to Apply for Summer Jobs or Internships

As a rising senior in college, it’s about time that I get an internship or job in the field that I am studying. Summer is a great time to pursue an internship for anyone since more time may be available. However, even though you want to apply for a summer internship or job, doesn’t mean that the best time to do it is right before summer starts. In fact, you should be applying even earlier. The past two years of mine have been full of lessons on when and how to apply for summer internships and jobs. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Start researching in the fall

This first point is SUPER important. Several companies post job openings months in advance for the summer, even during the fall before. This is a perfect time to start applying so you can possibly get ahead of other applicants. Applying early will also tell employers that you are dedicated towards obtaining a position and moving forward in your career. My go-to research sites are Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and even just Google. 

  1. Save jobs that interest you

Most job sites have the ability for you to “save” a job opening. I highly recommend saving jobs while you scroll through options so you have a list of perfect fits to go back to. That way, you can submit your application to each job one after the other.

  1. Apply ASAP

After saving any jobs to apply to later, don’t wait too long. Chances are, it will be too late and the opening will be expired. If you have to wait to apply, try and come back to that list of saved jobs within a few days. Also, there may be new openings up by then.

  1. Submit a cover letter

Some job openings don’t require a cover letter, but it is better to submit one than to not. Submitting a cover letter tells the employer that you are committed to that job and want to stand out from other applicants. It will also provide more information to the employer about you and your reasoning behind applying. You have the ability to brag about yourself in a cover letter, so why not do it?

  1. Follow up

Make sure to include in your cover letter that you will be following up with the employer or any person of contact on the status of your application. I personally believe that a company will not consider hiring you if you do not follow up with them. They will think that you applied just because, and are not taking the position seriously especially if the company has a professional atmosphere. Follow up a week after submitting the application and continue to do so during your job searching process.

Applying to internships and jobs is not as easy as you may think. There are several steps to take besides submitting a resume. During your next job search, I hope these steps come in handy!

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