My Favorite 80’s Movies

I have always enjoyed watching movies from the 1980’s. They are a lot different compared to modern day movies especially because they are classics. The stories and plots in 80’s movies are immensely creative and hard to top today. Listed below are my absolute favorite 80’s movies that I will always watch:

1. Back to the Future (’85)

I have watched this movie a million times and I still have never become bored of it. The characters, the plot and the music are all so timeless. Travel back in time to 1955 with Marty McFly as he runs into his parents as young teens and learns more about his life!

2. Sixteen Candles (’84)

This movie is a perfect example of classic teenage love story. It’s cheesy (in the best way possible), funny, heartwarming, and easily quotable. This movie is best enjoyed on a Friday or Saturday night with some popcorn while admiring the amazingly attractive character, Jake Ryan.

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (’86)

We’ve all wondered what a ditch day from work or school would look like, and this movie basically sums it up. Ferris, being the rebellious teenager he is, takes his friends on a crazy adventure through the city of Chicago on a school day. He just can’t seem to get caught in the process, but his jealous sister and revengeful school principle want to think otherwise.

4. The Breakfast Club (’85)

The Breakfast Club is the ultimate 80’s high school movie filled with drama, humor and self-discovery of the five characters. After meeting in Saturday detention, they learn more about each other, their life-changing experiences and how they got themselves into detention. The character development is my favorite part of this movie along with the music!

Movies from the 1980s will always be classics to me and a perfect way to spend a relaxing night on the weekend. What decade is your favorite movies from?

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